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It is my aspiration to share with you some recipes and ideas that will make eating more enjoyable as you face some age-related factors that may affect your eating habits. 

Age-Related Factors that may affect eating habits in older adults are:

  • metabolism slows down while the need for nutrients increase
  • senses of taste and smell diminish
  • dental conditions affect the ability to chew certain foods
  • swallowing difficulties may arise with certain medical conditions
  • various medical conditions and the physical challenges of aging may affect appetite and the ability to eat
  • medications have side effects that may affect our eating
  • limited incomes may change what foods are readily available
  • new living conditions may bring changes in how and what we eat
  • depression and grief can impact appetite

A loss of appetite may result when one experiences no pleasure from eating, leading to weight loss and less-than-optimal health which can set in motion a downhill spiral to illness and disease.

I’ve been experimenting with what I refer to as Flavor Intensifiers to add more zest and taste to recipes to enhance one’s enjoyment of them.

Flavor Intensifiers

  • Spices – fresh, dried whole and dried ground
  • Herbs – fresh  and dried
  • Extracts and flavorings
  • Seasoned salts and seasoning mixes
  • Flavored oils
  • Flavored vinegars
  • Sauces
  • Condiments
  • Marinades, rubs and brines
  • Glazes
  • Flavored coffees and teas
  • Citrus juices and zest
  • Flavored mustards
  • Other foods

We need to add intense flavors to our food to combat our lessened ability to taste. 

I plan to address most of these issues in my posts. 

Remember to Savor the Flavor!