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  1. Hi Janet! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe over at Let's Get Real. I recently visited an Hispanic market when I chaperoned my daughter's school field trip. I was a kid in a candy store. There were so many ingredients and products that I had never seen before. While I was very excited to try new things, I really had no idea where to start. I did see the guava paste which sounded delicious, but again......I had no idea what to do with it. Thanks to you, I now have a reason to visit the market again and a use for the guava pasta. I can't wait! New cooking adventures in 2016 are beginning right away.
  2. Coming from the Let's Get Real link party! I love guava - having spent my entire childhood in West Africa. I miss it so. I'll be looking for this paste in the Mexican market here in town. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!!!
  3. Hi Christina, I was so happy to hear of your enthusiasm for guava paste. I'd also suggest that you try guava nectar - it's so smooth and soothing. You can find it (in cans) in the Hispanic markets also. My husband eats the pinwheels and turnovers as fast as I can make them! I still have some left so I plan to make some muffins and put a cube of guava paste in each one so that when you take a bite you'll find some guava inside. Blessings, Janet
  4. Hi Marjie, Thanks for your comments and I hope you enjoy the recipes! Are you familiar with guava nectar? You can probably get it in the Mexican market too. I sure miss the guava ice cream I had in Puerto Rico! Blessings, Janet
  5. visiting from small victories I've never eaten guava and I like the fact this recipe is only 2 igredients will have to try it. I love trying new recipes some of the recipes I get are from murder mysteries the kind that are solved my bakers, cooks, restaurantuers i.e. foodies thanks for sharing
  6. Hi Lorraine, Thanks for your comments. I think I've read those murder mysteries you're talking about, where a woman who is a caterer solves mysteries, and she includes some of her recipes in the book! Can't think of the name of them right now but I enjoyed reading them in the past. Hope you enjoy the recipe! Blessings, Janet
  7. Thanks for sharing at Let's Get Real. I love that you always give a background. I have never tried guava paste before.
  8. Hi Karen, Thanks for letting me know you like my background info - I enjoy sharing it! Hope you enjoy the guava paste - it's interesting to work with! Blessings, Janet
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  10. Hi Kathy, Thanks so much for featuring my recipe for Guava Pinwheels! I was honored! Thanks for hosting Home and Garden Thursdays. Have a blessed New Year! Blessings, Janet
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  12. These look great! I've never used guava paste, but this sounds good! #SmallVictories
  13. Hi Danita, Thanks for your kind comments! If you have a chance, try a can of Guava Nectar - usually in the Hispanic or International section of the grocery store. It's yummy too. Blessings, Janet
  14. Hi Adelina, Thanks for featuring my recipe for Guava Pinwheels and Turnovers! I'm honored! Thanks for hosting also. Blessings, Janet
  15. These look good -AND easy!! You've been pinned! Thanks for sharing on What's for Dinner Sunday!! Hope to see you again next week!

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