Triple Headpin Drop Earrings

Triple Headpin Drop Earrings are quick and easy to make once you’ve mastered the skills required to create Single Headpin Drop Earrings. The same basic techniques are used in both earring styles. These skills are:  threading beads onto headpins, making loops in the headpins, and attaching them to a jump ring, which In turn is attached to an ear hook.  For more information on these techniques, please refer to my previous post How to Make Single Headpin Drop Earrings.

Materials Needed

18 2mm beads (or pearls) (You can choose any size you like – this size is what I used in the example)

24 seed beads (6.0)

6 silver headpins

2 silver jump rings

2 silver ear hooks

Round-nosed Pliers

Flat-nosed Pliers

Cutting Pliers


*Collect all your beads and findings and place into a shallow container.
*Onto each headpin, thread a seed bead, then a bead, a seed bead, then a bead, a seed bead, a bead and a seed bead.
*Use the cutting pliers to cut off any spare headpin wire. You must leave approximately 3/8″ or 1 cm of wire to make a loop. With practice you will find that you can make a smaller and neater loop using less wire.
*Using the flat-nosed pliers, bend the spare wire to a right angle.
*Using the round-nosed pliers, grasp the wire close to the cut end and gradually turn the pliers to form a loop in the wire.
*Open a jump ring and attach the loops of three completed headpins and the ear hook;  close the jump ring.
*Repeat to make a matching earring.  The finished set should look like this:
Vary the colors and types of beads that you use for different looks. Here are two other pairs that I
made from other beads:
Have fun making earrings!
Remember to Savor the Flavor!


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